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Summary of "BEOWULF: Legend Retold"

The great hall Heorot sees infinite despair as it writhes in the wake of Grendel's foul raids. Can any save them? Can the nightmare be brought to an end? Perhaps, my friend...perhaps, when Beowulf, kinsman of King Hygelac of Geatland, crosses the great sea in a noble effort, perhaps he may rid the hall of its noisome fiend. But when the time finally comes and hero meets horror, which will prevail?

This thoughtful retelling of the classic tale "Beowulf" is my attempt at reproducing the poetic, archaic flavor of the original, whilst making a new epic that is fast-moving enough to hold modern readers.

The download should be viewable in any word processor. If it doesn't automatically download, right-click on the link and click "save target as."

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