I haven't finished any truly significant projects, but here are a few minor ones that I developed for my own personal use and (for the most part) have found to be very handy/entertaining.

Windows Programs
Stopwatch for Windows - a simple, straightforward stopwatch/countdown program loaded with features.

QBASIC Programs
ASCII Hopper v1.9 - very amusing arcade-style platformer made entirely of ASCII characters
Duel of the Lines - simple yet surprisingly fun 2-player game
QB Doodle - fun and amusing toy-like program which is basically me "doodling" in a programming environment.
"Random" - A very handy random number generator.
"Checkday 2.0" - A small program that I made to remind me of occasions. Might seem difficult to some people. How to Use.
"Stopwatch 2.0" - Clock, stopwatch, and timer (countdown) all in one. More Info
"Com" - Handy program for MS-DOS whizes who like to use Run. Replaced by 'ANDD' below.

Game Mods - Level Packs
Commander Keen 1 level pack - requires the original game, which can be downloaded here (shareware).
Free Rider level pack - levels for the free flash game "Free Rider."

MS-DOS Batch Programs
ANDD - From the 'run' button in Windows, use any MS-DOS command, and even use more than one at a time by dividing them with the keyword 'and'!
Append - from the command line, write a short text file or add on to an old one.
"Look" - tired of waiting seemingly forever for "Find Files" to find your stuff? Download this and suffer no more (or at least, not much more).

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