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Smoothly and silently the command station orbits around the Chex home planet as multiple vessels file into the entrance bay. Inside, an important IGFC meeting is being held which may decide the fate of the galaxy ...

Admiral: "Lastly, a volcano installment on planet Bazoik, launching particles of rock into space. One of these asteroids was captured by the squadron and brought to our lands."

Scientist: "We'd been investigating these Blobules as proof of cereal life from another planet, when we discovered that they actually contain eggs to an evil, cereal-eating creature from another dimension!"

Admiral: "We call them...Flemoids."

Scientist: "When the Flemoid egg is exposed to nutritional substances, the eggs hatch."

General: "That's preposterous! We have a nutritional development center in the Caverns of Bazoik. They're doing fruits and vegetables, and they haven't had any trouble!"

Admiral: "General, two days ago we lost contact with Bazoik. We can only assume that the flemoids have taken over."

Scientist: "To make matters worse, we have found that conventional weapons seem to have no effect on flemoids."

Admiral: "We need a volunteer to fly to the caverns of Bazoik and attempt a rescue of our citizens there."

General: "What soldiers would be fool enough to enter a cavern full of instabible flemoids from another dimension?"

Scientist: "By recalibrating the phase frequency of our zorchers to match that of our transporters, we can send the flemoids back to their own dimension!"

Admiral: "We need a volunteer."

YOU! : "I'm from Chex Squadron, and I volunteer!"

And so the Chex quest begins! Continue...

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