Commander Keen in "Goodbye, Galaxy!"

Episode Four: The Secret of the Oracle

Using his newly-invented Photachyon Transceiver, a faster-than-light radio, Billy Blaze has just eavesdropped on a barely-audible transmission from mysterious aliens who call themselves the "Shikadi." It seems they're planning to blow up the galaxy, and then rebuild it to suit their needs! Once again, Billy dons his brother's football helmet, climbs into the Megarocket, and becomes Commander Keen: Defender of Earth!

His first stop is Gnosticus IV, where he hopes the Oracle there can tell him where to find these "Shikadi." But no sooner than landing, he finds that the Shikadi have been to Gnosticus IV and kidnapped the Gnosticene elders, the only ones can activate the Oracle! Keen must venture west to the dangerous Shadowlands and rescue the Gnosticene ancients, avoiding the traps and monsters left behind by the Shikadi, and activate the Oracle in time to stop the Shikadi from destroying the galaxy! Don't hesitate to download this shareware episode of the amazingly-enhanced sequel to the original Commander Keen trilogy!

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