Commander Keen for the Game Boy Color

A subspace anomaly has mysteriously appeared in Earth's core. Everything's gone haywire: telephones ring randomly, the clouds have turned blue, and morning cartoons have ceased to exist. Billy Blaze, setting aside his breakfast cereal, knows this is a job for no one but Commander Keen. But what he does not know is that his old enemies have joined forces in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the universe. The Droidiccus, Shikadi, and Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax have created the fabled Omegamatic Warp Drive. With super-powerful plasma crystals, this they will have the power to destroy subspace stability!

Commander Keen enters his Megarocket, football helmet on and pogo stick in tow. He also has a new Neural Stunner that uses unlimited ammo but has a very short-lived stun effect. He must collect the three plasma crystals and introduce them to the machine prematurely, which will hopefully destroy the unfinished machine.

Commander Keen for the Game Boy Color is, to put it kindly, "unique." Its graphics and gameplay are acceptable as far as Game Boy Color games go, but it has a meager nine levels and is very un-Keenish. For example, you no longer have limited ammo, and stunned aliens flash black and white until you pogo on them to kill them. Creatures from the original games appear, but are similar only in appearance, acting like the stereotype (and boring) enemies seen elsewhere in Keen GBC. (For example, Robo Red is a mindless robot Keen's size that constantly shoots straight forward while going left and right on a circuit, identical to the Droidican Elite Warrior and not even remotely like the Robo Red from Keen 5.) All in all, it's your typical low-budget Game Boy Color game that just happens to have given itself the name "Commander Keen" in a "last-ditch attempt" to get some quick money. It doesn't even have the save-game features seen since Game Boy Classic games.

  Blooglet Lake   Robot Hive   Leaving the Imperial Palace   Imperial Palace   The Droidican Emperor in the Imperial Palace