Commander Keen in "Invasion of the Vorticons"

Episode Two: The Earth Explodes

In our last episode, Commander Keen foiled the Vorticon plot to strand him on Mars, recovering all of his ship's parts from the evil Vorticons. But as he flew back to Earth, he saw something that made his blood run cold...something that made his first adventure only a foreshadow of the terrors to come.

His parents think he's asleep, but there's no time for napping - a Vorticon Mothership is poised above Earth, preparing to destroy every major city with its deadly Tantalus Rays! Keen must sneak aboard the ship and stop every Tantalus team from its terrible task. If he fails, the earth explodes. Of course, that would mean he wouldn't have to get home in time for school. The earth or no school. Hmmm....
After much deliberation, Keen decided to save Earth anyway. Don't miss the exciting, action-packed second in the Commander Keen series!

The New York Tantalus Room   Blueprint of the Vorticon Mothership   Platform Hopping