Commander Keen in "Keen Dreams"

The "Lost Episode"

The great Commander Keen may be revered for his glorious victory over the Grand Intellect, but at home he is still only eight-year-old Billy Blaze, being forced to eat the mashed potatoes on his dinner plate. After sitting for a few minutes staring at his offensive, starch-laden foe, he finally could take it no more and made a rather pointed remark about its quality.

Sent to his room, the dethroned hero began to fall asleep. But when he awoke he was no longer in his room, and his foes were no longer bound to his plate!

Made in the interval period between Keens 3 and 4, Keen Dreams sees our hero in a dream-world where the evil vegetables, led by King Boobus Toober, capture helpless dreaming children as slaves. He needs to fry ol' Boobus Tuber and turn off the Dream Machine, but he'll need more than the magical Flower Powers he uses to neutralize the other veggies. He'll need to find twelve Boobus Bombs, scattered throughout Tuberia, before he can enter Castle Tuberia and put an end to the veggie-infested dreamland.

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