Commander Keen in "Invasion of the Vorticons"

Episode Three: Keen Must Die!

In our last episode, Commander Keen foiled the Vorticon plot to destroy the Earth, and the disabled Mothership limped home to report their failure to the Grand Intellect. But when Keen had been on the ship, the Vorticon Elder in the stasis field had told him two things: one, the Vorticons are not evil—the Grand Intellect is controlling them with "mind-belts"—and secondly, the Grand Intellect is from Earth! Who could he be?

After taking a short nap, Keen blasts across the brain-bending expanse between Earth and Vorticon VI. The Vorticons will be lying in wait, with their wicked weapons bristling with pent-up energy, and with only one thought on their minds: Keen Must Die!

Keen blasts through a hyperspace gate and arrives at Vorticon VI, landing on the island of Vortiville. Here he faces the mind-numbing horrors of suburban life. Then he will travel to New Vorticon, where life is a dark, dangerous enterprise. He will also have to face the impossible maze of the Caves of Oblivion, and if he passes that barrier, he will finally reach the Castle of the Grand Intellect, where all his beliefs and fears come together in a titanic, shocking finale!

Approaching New Vorticon   Cape Canavorte   Approaching Fort Vorticon