Commander Keen in "Aliens Ate my Baby Sitter!"

Episode Six

Commander Keen works diligently in his backyard clubhouse on his ComputerWrist wrist computer. He hears his babysitter calling him for supper but keeps on working. Then suddenly he hears strange noises outside. He quickly finishes and heads out to investigate. His babysitter is nowhere to be seen, but finally, on a scorched blade of grass, he finds a note. "Keen--  Thanks for dinner.  --The Bloogs of Fribbulus Xax   P.S. Next time get one with more meat, please."

He realizes that when they say "for dinner", they mean "FOR DINNER!" Seeing that his parents won't believe that "aliens ate my babysitter", he once again dons his brother's football helmet and transforms into...Commander Keen, Defender of Earth!

Get ready for the biggest Keen adventure yet, with countless new settings and a cast of characters you'll never forget!

Guard Post 1   Approaching the Bloog Aeronautics and Space Administration   Bloogton Tower